Can I consolidate health professional loans?
Yes you can depending on what type of loans you received.

Can I consolidate if I am currently enrolled in school?

No. In order to consolidate you must not be an active student or attending less than half time or 1 credit hour.

I am already consolidated, can I consolidate again?

Yes. Depending on what type of consolidation you previously received, however, some previously consolidated loans cannot be consolidated again.

Can I consolidate my loans that are in grace?

Yes. Grace periods may be the best time to consolidate your student loans.

Can I delay my application so I dont lose my grace period?

No. Once your application has been processed and your consolidation is approved, your grace period will end.

Can I consolidate my defaulted loan?

Yes. Speaking with a professional to understand your default status is advised.

Will consolidating clear the default notation from my credit?

Maybe. Consolidating does not guarantee your credit will be cleared.

What are the repayment plans?

Standard, Graduated, Income Based, PAYE, REPAYE, ICR

Can I change my repayment plan later?

Yes. Payment plans can be changed.

How long does it take to consolidate?

In most cases, the consolidation process takes about 90 days.

If i need to update sensative information how do i do that?

You can do so by clicking on this link: HERE