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Student Loan Forgiveness Teachers

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Updated – Jan 13th 2021

student loan forgiveness teachers
Teacher Loan Forgiveness
Teacher Cancellation Forgiveness

What are the basic qualifications?

How to qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness Teachers

A qualified borrower would need to teach full-time for at least five years or more consecutively. Borrower must actively teach in specific elementary, secondary and educational services agencies that serve in low income communities and meet additional qualifications. But, this is not the case for every Student Loan Forgiveness Teachers program.

Which loans qualify?
The qualified loan types for teacher loan forgiveness is
  • Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans
  • Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Direct Consolidation Loans
Parent PLUS loans do not qualify unless they are consolidated into a new Direct Loan.

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Teacher loan forgiveness requirements
  • Must not be in default on your student loans
  • Must not have an outstanding balance on or before Oct 1, 1998
  • Loans must have been made before the end of your five years of teaching
  • Must have been employed for the full five years on full time employment and must be in consecutive years. At least one of those years must be after the year of 1997-1998
  • Must be employed in a school district that qualifies for Title I Funding

General Student Loan Forgiveness

This student forgiveness loan program is for borrowers that consolidate their student loans in a federal student loan consolidation program, but are not qualified through Public Service Loan Forgiveness or does not operate out of the profession of teaching.

Borrowers that enter into an income driven repayment plan will receive general student loan forgiveness after 300 months of making monthly payments. Also, With certain income driven plans a borrower can qualify for student loan forgiveness after 240 months.

Borrowers must have federal student loans to qualify for general student loan forgiveness.

Need your monthly payments reduced?

Fine out if you can get total loan forgiveness!


How to apply for student loan forgiveness

Also, How do I get Started with the Student Loan Forgiveness Program?

If you are interest in fasfa loan forgiveness programs, the best thing to do is to consult with a student loan professional.

Professional assistance is a good option for learning what direction would best for you in your pursue of how to qualify for student loan forgiveness programs. Furthermore, all of these student loan forgiveness programs have standards and specific requirements.

Also, find out all you need to know so you do not waste your time reaching for something you may not have the requirement met for.

Still, if you believe there is any chance you are meeting all the requirements and fall into the laws and regulations to obtain student loan forgiveness then definitely go for it.
Freedom from paying on your student loans could open the door for much more access to other goal financial goals and desires.

It is possible to get a federal student loan forgiveness program, or as some refer to as a fasfa loan forgiveness. Sometimes all you just have to do is reach for it.

30 responses to “Student loan forgiveness teachers”

  1. You can still apply for and get forgiveness if you reach your 120 qualifying payments during the payment pause. If you’re eligible for forgiveness, the amount forgiven will be the principal and interest that was due after you made your 120th qualifying payment.

  2. we still have some time for the Monthly Payments Are Paused If you have Direct Loans that are not in default, and
    work full-time for a qualifying employer during the payment suspension,

  3. i guess educators still get no student loan respect from the govt. we are getting no help and its covid everywhere

  4. Additional Payments Will Reduce Your Amount Forgiven
    In most cases, it’s a good financial strategy to make additional payments while interest is set at 0%. If you are seeking PSLF, however, additional payments may not be in your best interest.

    If you make payments during the payment pause, they won’t make you eligible for PSLF sooner. The suspended $0 payments already qualify toward your required 120 PSLF payments. So not making additional payments maximizes the amount you can get forgiven.

  5. Federal Government Websites
    Here are some sites that you or your school may find useful:—The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides prevention tips; info about common symptoms; current updates on how many cases there are in the United States; advice about travel; a list of frequently asked questions; and more.

  6. Student loan forgiveness teachers needs to happen now! you have teachers going out here with coronavirus in the school system. thats a big risk. teachers should get forgiveness automatically

  7. student loan forgiveness teachers need this big time!…all teachers should have their student loans completely forgiven in my opinion. The Department OF Education and Fedloan can do something if they wanted too

  8. i have been teaching for over 10 years already, nobody mentioned anything about a loan forgiveness for teachers! i feel so uniformed by my school

  9. great information, thanks for helping me with my student loans
    I spent some time trying a learn before getting help, i am ready to get help now.
    Thanks for magnificent information.

  10. i just want to say thank you, i was able to get help with one of your student loan counselors and they to me back on track.

  11. every teacher at my job braggs about how they dont have to pay back their student loans after contacting you. what can gov student loan service do with my student loan forgiveness?

    • Hello Bonnie,
      I am not surprised, we have assisted hundreds of teachers with getting their teacher loan forgiveness. You also may be able to benefit from speaking with us. Call us at 833-782-7133, one of our associates will be glad to assist you.

      Our Sincerest Regards,

  12. Student loan forgiveness teachers is something i have been trying to learn more about. i have been teaching for several years and did not know i could get my loans forgiven. so i have to do is call and speak to an agent with your company

  13. It?¦s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing Student loan forgiveness teachers.

  14. Thank you!
    i spoke with one of your counselors today, than he was so helpful. I did not know i had these options. I will be sure to have my co worker call you guys

  15. wow sooooo glad i called! i thought i was getting loan forgiveness all this time as a teacher. now i am truly on the program and my loans will be forgiveness in 120 months

    amazing company great people

  16. i live in alabama, and have been teaching for 7 years. how much more do i have to teach before i can have my loans cancelled?

    • HI claire, i will have a student loan counselor reach out to you today to go over how student loan forgiveness for teachers works.

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